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Become Tourism Officer

You want to become a tourism and travel Officer. Know that it is about a regulated profession  (article 6 of the law n°99-06 of April 4th, 1999 fixing rules governing the activity of the travel agency and the journeys). It will be necessary you to obtain, before opening your agency, an operating license. 1 - TO OBTAIN THE LICENSE:   You will find below documents necessary for the request:

  • The form of travel agent's license, to fill
  • The list of required documents,
  • Information about the professional competence required.

You can get also the printed matters directly at the Department of Tourism and Handicrafts in the wilayas or subscribe on the portal dedicated to this operation: « portail. ».. Afterward, the Direction of Tourism and Handicrafts territorially competent is at your disposal to receive you, inform you and receive your file of license application. To note that the files registered on the portal, the downloaded documents must be put down at the Department of Tourism and Crafts, Territorially within 6 days from the date of registration. If you fulfill the conditions required by the current regulations, An agreement in principle will be granted to you subject to completing your file by documents below. This agreement does not authorize you to exercise the activity. The obtaining of the license is subordinated in:

  • Complement to the file by documents under indicated.
  • Positive result concerning the investigation of morality of owner and agent, if applicable.  

After that, an operating license signed by Minister of Tourism is granted to you “You can then subscribe yourself at the national center of the commercial register, and begin your activity” The article 4 of law N 99-06 of April 4th, 1999 fixing rules governing the activity of the travel agency and tourism, stipulates that the services related to the activity of the travel and tourism agency consist, in particular, in what follows:

  • The organization and the sale of travels, tours and individual or groups stays
  • The organization of excursions and guided tours in cities and sites and tourist, cultural and historical monuments
  • The organization of hunting activities, fishing and cultural and sports manifestations and the holding of congresses and seminars in addition to the activity of the agency or at the request of the organizers The putting at disposition of the tourists, the service(department) of interpreters and guides;
  • The provision of tourists, interpreters and guides;
  • Accommodation or reservation of rooms in hotel establishments and the provision of services related thereto;
  • Tourist transportation and the sale of tickets of any kind according to the conditions and regulations in force within the transport establishments;
  • The sale of the tickets of the shows and the demonstrations with cultural, sports or other character
  • Reception and assistance of tourists during their stay    
  • The fulfillment, for the customers, the formalities of insurance for any shape of risks which ensue from their tourist activity
  • The representation of the other local or foreign agencies to supply on their behalf and places the various services
  • The car rental with or without a driver as well as the transport of luggage, the rent of caravans and other camping equipment.

Furthermore ; It is useful to know the laws and the decrees, which govern your profession, is:

  • Law N 99/06 of 18 Dhou El Hidja 1419 corresponding on April 4th, 1999 fixing rules governing the activity of the travel agency (JO(Gazette,Olympics) N 24 - on 1999).
  • Executive decree N 2000-47 of 25 Dhou El Kaada 1420 corresponding on March 1st, 2000 fixing the organization and the functioning of the National Commission of Approval of the Agencies of tourism. (JO(Gazette,Olympics) N 10 - on 2000).
  • Exécutif decree ° 17-161 of 18 Chaâbane 1438 corresponding on May 15th, 2017 fixing the conditions and the modalities of creation and exploitation of the agencies of tourism and journeys (JO(Gazette,Olympics) N 30 - on 2017).
  • Décret exécutif n° 2000-49 du 25 Dhou El Kaada 1420 correspondant au 1er mars 2000 fixant les conditions et les modalités de création des succursales des agences de tourisme et de voyages. (JO n° 10 - 2000).
  • Executive decree N 2000-49 of 25 Dhou El Kaada 1420 corresponding on March 1st, 2000 fixing the conditions and the modalities of creation of the branches of the agencies of tourism and journeys. (JO(Gazette,Olympics) N 10 - on 2000).
  • You can get them from : l’ Official Printing

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