Follow-up Of The Economic Public Enterprises

Created in the Ministry of the Tourism and the Handicrafts according to the executive decree N 13-168 of 23/04/2013 modifying and completing the executive decree N 10-255 of 20/10/2010 carrying the organization of the Central Administration of the Ministry.

This Direction(Management) is in charge of Insuring the Follow-up and the Valuation of the Potential and the Action of the Economic Public enterprises of the Sector, while encouraging the partnership between these companies and the other economic operators, it is also in charge of developing a specialist magazine on the companies of the sector.


"Hotel business, Tourism and Balneology - HTT, Ex GESTOUR (EPE), created on 25/12/2015. It consists dedix- seven (17) Tourist Companies of Management (EGT) and Companies of Hotel Management established (EGH), each, one or several units. The set is established of 69 units among which two are in the course of resumption after cancellation of their privatization (El Hidhab de Sétif hotel and El Riadh of Sidi Fredj hotel); :

  • Algerian National Tourist Office - ONAT (EPE), created by Executive Decree No. 80-77 of 15/03/1980 and amended by Executive Decree No. 83-208 of 26/03/1983;
  • National Agency for Tourism Development -ANDT (EPIC), created by Executive Decree No. 98-70 of 21/02/1998;
  • National Agency for Traditional Crafts -ANART (EPIC), created by Executive Decree No. 92-12 of 09/01/1992;
  • National Chamber of Crafts and Trades -CNAM (EPIC), created by Executive Decree No. 97-101 of 29/03/1997;
  • Chambers of Crafts and Crafts 48 Wilayas -48 CAM (EPIC), created by Executive Decree No. 97-100 of 29/03/1997.

Evolution of the File of the Modernization and the Rehabilitation of the Tourist Units being of the Group HTT

As part of the national tourism promotion policy and the implementation of the Master Plan of Tourist Planning (SDAT 2030), adopted by the Government in 2008, in particular the 05 dynamics that constitute the roadmap for the setting in Tourism in Algeria, the public authorities have provided a financial envelope for the rehabilitation and the modernization of the tourist structures falling under the 17 EGT and EGH.

N°/Denomination Company/Number of units

Distribution of the Units by Companies

Denomination CompanyNumber of units
1  1EGT Centre10
2EGH Chaine El Aurassi04
3EGH Chaine El Djazair05
4EGT Est06
5EGT Annaba05
6EGT Sidi Fredj04
7EGT Zéralda03
8EGT Tipaza03
9EGTC Andalouses01
10EGT Biskra06
11EGT Tamanrasset02
12EGT Ouest03
13EGT Ghardaïa03
14EGT Tlemcen07
15EGT Thalassothérapie01
16EGT Hammam Righa01
17ET Kabylie03

The state of progress of the project of modernization and rehabilitation of 63 units concerned by this operation, appeared as follows: :

Finished projects:
12 units
Projects in progress:
31 units
Work in progress of the launch:
Deferred projects:
8 units
Structures not concerned by the modernization:
4 units
Units in dispute:
2 units