A ceremony in honor of the of the sector’s women executives and employees on the occasion of International Women's Day.

March, 8th 2021  

The Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Family Work, Mr. Mohamed Ali Boughazi affirmed, on Monday 08, March 2021 that Algerian women in particular those active in the field of tourism and crafts have "a large skills capacities", allowing them to contribute to economic development, with a view to « free » the country's economy from dependence on hydrocarbons.

In his speech, during a ceremony organized in honor of the sector’s women executives and employees, on the occasion of the celebration of International Women's Day, the Minister said he was deeply convinced that Algerians women have all the scientific and creative capacities, allowing them to strongly participate in the building of « the Algeria of hope », following their ancestors’ footsteps who played an important role during the National War of independance ".

Calling all executives, workers and craftswomen to make more efforts to take up the challenges in their respective fields and promote the country to the rank of developed countries, the Minister underlined that Algeria has all required potentialities to achieve the development and mastery of technology.

The Minister reaffirmed the commitment of the President of the Republic to implement an effective policy to promote and allow women access to all fields, particularly the political field, by overcoming the quota policy, in order to to strengthen its presence during the next elections and achieve parity between men and women.